The Australian Blackball International Federation 2021 National Championships were held at the Hamilton Exhibition and Conference Centre in Victoria.

The Final 2021 Championships Results including match scores were as follows…

Men’s Team
Winner – Victoria A – 13
Runner-up – Victoria B – 10

Ladies Team
Winner – South Australia A – 13
Runner-up – New South Wales – 7

Seniors/Masters Team
Winner – Victoria A – 13
Runner-up – South Queensland A – 8

Men’s Singles
Winner – Jayme White
(South Queensland) – 10
Runner–up – John Durbidge
(New South Wales) – 6

Ladies Singles
Winner – Kerry Spengler
(South Queensland) – 8
Runner-up – Cindy Blackmore
(North Queensland) – 3

Seniors Singles
Winner – Mark Cottingham
(Victoria) – 9
Runner-up – Ian Chung
(South Queensland) – 4

Masters Singles
Winner – Grant Weekley
(Western Australia) – 9
Runner-up – Shane Cripps
(South Australia) – 8

The following are examples of trophies presented at the 2021 tournament and feature the Championships logo…

2021 Australian Blackball National Championships Trophy

Also view a sortable list of the players who competed in the 2021 National Championships in the Ladies, Men and Seniors/Masters categories.
That table is ordered alphabetically initially by Category, State, then name of Player.
In addition there are images of players and teams from the 2021 tournament.

Individual Player Stats For 2019 and 2021
Find here a list of all ladies, men, and seniors/masters players’ statistics as frame wins and losses at the National Championships for both 2019 and 2021.
It is hoped to add the 2022 stats in due course.
The table can be printed, saved as a CSV file or copied to clipboard.

Championships Videos 2021
A series of YouTube videos recorded at the 2021 National Championships in Hamilton, Victoria.

YouTube Australian National Blackball 2021

Official Programme 2021

ABIF Poster with Sponsors 2021
The poster may be downloaded as a high resolution image in a format suitable for printing.

Official Poster 2021 Australian National  Blackball Championships

Official Announcement 2021

Australian National Championships 2021 Hamilton

Greater Hamilton Media Release

Australian Championships 2021 Hamilton Victoria