There are two ABIF calendar pages.
They provide details of national & international blackball tournaments, scheduled meetings and various other events of interest to members.

Full Listing
A complete list of all events over the forthcoming 12 months on a single page.
The event description is displayed without having to select the event title.

Events by Month
This page shows events occurring in individual calendar months.
A drop-down list allows different months to be selected.
Select the event title for the detailed description.

In both cases the layout of individual events is similar and includes…

  • Name of Event
  • Date of Event
  • Location as a linked map
  • Brief Description

… the description of events includes links providing even further information, for example by linking to specific and relevant ABIF website pages or Facebook posts.

Google Calendar
The ABIF calendar pages use a feed from a Google Calendar.
Guidance has been added on this site regarding the update of the ABIF Google calendar to assist those sharing authorship access via their Google account.
Whatever is added to the Google calendar by contributors will appear automatically and immediately on the ABIF calendars on this website.