Guidance on creating an ABIF Google Calendar event from your computer.
The event when saved on the Google calendar will appear automatically on the ABIF website Calendar.

If authority to input data to the ABIF Google Calendar is shared with specific individuals they can then create and edit events appearing on this website.

To get started, the recipients of an email inviting them to share input to the ABIF Google Calendar must click the link within that email to accept the sharing proposal.
They will then have the authority to add events.

The next step, on their personal Google Calendar page, is to add the ABIF Calendar under the ‘Other calendars’ heading.
(see image below, lower left)
To do this click the + sign immediately to the right of ‘Other calendars’.

ABIF Google Calendar

Make sure that only the ABIF Calendar is ticked, as in the above image.
If ‘Schedule’ is chosen from the display options (top right) you’ll see a list of the ABIF events previously added.

To add an event of your own, click the ‘Create’ button, then choose ‘Event’.
(top left in the image above)

An event can now be input.
(see next image)
Note below that the ‘ABIF Calendar’ is shown to have been selected, thus ensuring you will not be adding ABIF events to your personal calendar!

ABIF Google Calendar Create Event

Referring to the above image, this is what needs to be added to create an ABIF Google Calendar event…

Event Title
Please keep the event name as short as possible.
Further details can be added within the event description.

Event Date(s)
Click on the date to see options.
The next thing to do is to choose ‘All day’… the option to input exact times of the day is then removed.
The reason for this is that often precise starting and finishing times are unknown and the only way to avoid having to input times to a Google calendar event is to select ‘All day’.
The words ‘All day’ will not be shown on the two ABIF website calendars.
Details about precise times can, if necessary, be included within the event description.
Ensure both the Start and End dates of the event have been entered.

Input a full or partial address for a list of possible Google map locations. Select the correct location and a map is linked.
If the location is not known or is not found by Google then leave that blank.

Add the event description.
Please don’t insert lengthy descriptions.
Listed ‘bullet points’ are an excellent way to input important details in the form of short phrases.
Links to specific web pages can be added (for example an ABIF website page or a Facebook post) which describe an event in much greater detail.
There’s no point attaching files at this stage as they will not appear on the ABIF online calendars.

That’s all that’s needed.
In the image below there’s an example of an input event.
All events can of course be edited.

ABIF Google Calendar example of event entry

To summarise, in the order shown, the following is input and saved…

  • Name of Event
  • Date of Event
  • Location as a linked map
  • Brief Description

ABIF Calendars
The ABIF website calendars use what’s been input to the ABIF Google calendar as their source.
There are two calendar pages on the ABIF site, using the data extracted from the Google calendar…

Full Listing
A complete list of all events over the forthcoming 12 months on a single page.
The event description is displayed without having to select the event title.

Events by Month
This page shows events occurring within individual calendar months.
A drop-down list allows different months to be selected.
Select the event title for the detailed description.