Blackball Tables Australia

The ABIF has committed to purchasing twenty Blackball Tables to be used at the next Australian National Championship and other major events.

The overall outstanding quality and performance of the pool tables provided by Blackball Tables (Australia) has become increasingly recognised as more and more are installed in homes, pubs, clubs and pool halls throughout the country.

Their tables are of course suitable for all kinds of 8ball pool of whatever rules… whether the game be played in pubs, clubs, pool halls or at home.

Blackball Tables Australia 8ball pool
Blackball Tables in White Decor

Blackball Tables come in a range of decors with or without a coin mechanism.
There are two forms.
The tighter pockets on the ‘Blackball Elite’ are perfect for pool played to national and international standards and will also appeal to the more serious competition player.
The ‘Blackball Club’ table is constructed to exactly the same high quality but with standard sized pockets which makes the game just a little easier and may be a preferred option for some players.

The table manufacturer is Optima Pool of the United Kingdom.
Optima directors and staff have been involved in the supply of cue sports tables for over 30 years.
The table top is designed to perfection and is fitted with a Hainsworth Match cloth as standard.
This is a renowned table covering. It is tightly woven and provides spectacular speed and cue ball control.

Visit the Blackball Tables, Australia website for the latest prices and special offers for their pool tables and other products.