The Australian Blackball International Federation promotes the sport of blackball pool in Australia.
Australian blackball pool team

Since the organisation’s formation in 2014 Australian blackball has progressed by leaps and bounds both nationally and internationally.
On this website you’ll discover a wealth of information about the ABIF, our events and players.

Our organisation has brought together committed, capable professionals with a wide variety of experiences to work on behalf of our members.
ABIF administrators, board members and state representatives work diligently to promote the game of blackball pool throughout Australia.

The ABIF has a Strategic Plan.
This keeps all participants in our sport informed of our aims and objectives.
The plan is reviewed at six monthly intervals.

Our Bye-Laws and Constitution have been designed to ensure the smooth running of the ABIF and clearly document the regulations relating to the governance of the organisation and its members.

The ABIF has developed and promulgated succinct policies relating to Member Protection, Anti-doping Measures and the use of Social Media.

National Championships
The game is now played throughout our country and National Blackball Championships are held annually.
Teams and individuals representing ACT, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Northern Territory, Victoria and Western Australia are invited to participate.

The winners and runners-up of the Nationals from 2018 to 2021 have been listed on this website.
The 2022 National Championships were held in Ipswich, Queensland.

Australian Blackball National Championships 2022

There has been a massive growth in the popularity of our sport in the past few years and this is reflected in the increasing attendances at these events.

Australia Internationally
Australian players have proudly and enthusiastically represented their country with great distinction at international level.
Australia has competed in several major international blackball events and it is anticipated that Australia will be strongly represented at the 2022 World Championships in Albi, France.

The Australian Men’s ‘B’ team was presented with the Champions trophy and medals at the Blackball Nations Cup in 2019 in Cyprus.
This was our nation’s first international tournament victory.

Blackball Rules
The rules of blackball pool were first sanction by the World Pool-Billiard Association in 2004.
It is a form of 8ball pool which is of course American in origin.
Blackball is played on the small 7ft X 4ft tables found in bars, clubs and pool halls throughout the world.
The rules of the game encourage an open and exciting approach to play.

There’s a summary of blackball pool rules on this website.
In addition the fully comprehensive rules can be viewed on this blackball rules poster prepared for the use of blackball players in Australia.
The poster has been created in the form of a PDF file suitable for viewing, download and printing as an ‘A3’ sheet.

A useful visual guide to the rules appears on the Blackbal.UK website.

The Australian Blackball International Federation thanks our sponsors and partners in helping to make the sport of blackball the great success it has become.
Blackball pool has an enormous following, not only in Australia but worldwide.
Our National Championships alone bring together many hundreds of players from throughout the nation and the sport is viewed by increasingly large audiences.

If interested in arranging a sponsorship package please email the President of the Australian Blackball International Federation to discuss the options.

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