The Australian Blackball International Federation is the administrative body for the sport of blackball pool in Australia.
Australian blackball pool team

Since the organisation’s formation in 2014 Australian blackball has progressed by leaps and bounds both nationally and internationally.
Australian blackball players have proudly and enthusiastically represented their country with great distinction at international level.

The game is now played throughout our country and National Blackball Championships are held annually.
Teams and individuals representing ACT, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia will be participating in the 2021 National Championships to be hosted in Hamilton, Victoria.

Australia Internationally
Australia has competed in several major international blackball events.
In 2014 Australia sent a 6 man team to the World Blackball Championships in Perth, Scotland.
The World Championships are held biennially and Australia was again represented in 2016 in Killarney, Ireland followed by Bridlington, England in 2018.

The European Blackball Association is responsible for the Blackball Nations Cup, a tournament in which countries outwith Europe attend only by invitation.
Australia was represented in 2017 in Malta and again in 2019 in Cyprus, where our nation’s first international tournament victory was secured.
A large complement of Australian players travelled to Cyprus and competed in Ladies, Men’s, Seniors, Masters and Under-23s categories.

The Australian ‘Seniors’ team trophy presentation at the 2019 Blackball Nations Cup…

World Championships 2020
Blackball International is the overall governing body for the sport of blackball pool.
In 2019 that organisation announced that the 2020 World Blackball Championships will be hosted in Geelong, Victoria.

This is of course a wonderful opportunity for Australian blackball players to win further international honours on their home turf and will do much to help promote the game throughout our country.
The tournament will bring hundreds of the world’s best pool players to Australia.
The week’s events, from the 20th to the 27th November 2020, will be streamed live worldwide.

Note : The 2020 World Blackball Championships was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Blackball Rules
The rules of blackball pool were first sanction by the World Pool-Billiards Association in 2004.
It is a form of 8ball pool which is of course American in origin.
Blackball is played on the small 7ft X 4ft tables found in bars, clubs and pool halls throughout the world.

The rules of the game encourage an open and exciting approach to play.
There’s a summary of blackball pool rules on this website.